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Village-to-Village Watershed Partnerships

Village to Village Watershed Partnerships:

Land erosion and subsequent sedimentation on downstream coral reefs are significant environmental threats in the southern watersheds of Guam. A lack of community awareness of the environmental stressors degrading watersheds further complicate long-term restoration efforts. Citizen science activities will be implemented in Guam watersheds to strengthen environmental awareness and stewardship among residents. Through Village-to-Village Watershed Partnership (VVWP) Program, the local community will be involved in research-based projects in Humatak and Pago watersheds and contribute to watershed stewardship. 
Research Overview: 

In 2017, the Village-to-Village Watershed Partnerships leveraged a new opportunity with the University of Guam's Guam Restoration Of Watersheds (GROW) Initiative. 

(Above) Erosion in the Humatak watershed. (Below) Sedimentation flowing into Fouha Bay.  

VVWP Goals:

  • Increased STEM knowledge in the region, informed decision-making, and community of life-long learners
  • Increase community engagement in watershed restoration and citizen science efforts;


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